Different Pathways into Publishing

May 14, 2019

The team at Daisa & Co collectively have 70 years' experience in business. We understand that finding your feet in the Publishing Industry can be a struggle. The four of us have had many walks of life and found ourselves in publishing via different pathways. 




Daisa Morgan has been in business her entire adult life; from selling windows and doors, to designing kitchens, becoming a Reiki Master, building and opening a vibrant hotel of tranquility - Daisa has certainly done it all! As an Author, Daisa has felt the sting of rejection letters so in 2003, Daisa decided to start her own publishing company; Daisa Original Designs was founded. After several years of development, kissing a few frogs and doing the  legwork, Daisa is now able to offer guidance, support and publishing services for other aspiring Authors. Daisa was awarded the Female Entrepreneur Award last year in recognition of her amazing achievements in business. After deciding to 'slow down' as she approached retirement, Daisa continues to provide inspiration and support to her publishing team and is currently writing her next children's book; 'A Bear Called Dodl'. 


Jade Hannath is the Commissioning Editor and Manager of Daisa & Co. After leaving secondary school at 16, Jade volunteered with many local businesses included Writing, Editing and Designing for a youth community magazine. She also managed a youth theatre production company and was employed by a Design Agency, later being awarded a Business Administration Level 2. Constantly striving and developing her skills and career, Jade eventually joined Daisa & Co in 2012. Jade is passionate about publishing and is working hard to achieve the brand licensing and publishing goals here at Daisa & Co, wanting to put Daisa & Co and North Lincolnshire on the map. She has recently become a Young Ambassador with the North Lincolnshire Young Ambassadors Programme, championing young professional in the creative industries. 


Aimee Finlay is the Editor and Creative Assistant at Daisa & Co. Aimee graduated from Northampton University with an honours degree in Psychology and Journalism. She enjoys writing and reading in her spare time and utilizes the knowledge from her degree to work hard to achieve exciting new platforms such as our 'Publish Your Way with Daisa & Co' Podcast. Aimee has been an avid blogger since her second year of University and this is still a passion of hers. After graduating Aimee worked for 5 years in the mental health industry and a further two years in the national health services. She joined Daisa & Co in June 2018 and became a full-time Editor and has been a credible driving force to Daisa & Co's expansion in the last year, allowing more writer's dreams to become reality as Authors.


Jemma North graduated from Oxford Brookes University in 2018 with an honours degree in Publishing and Media. She has always been a keen-reader and particularly enjoyed the design and editorial elements of her degree for books and consumer magazines. Jemma joined the team in 2019 for a work experience placement. Four weeks later, it was clear that Jemma's passion and drive is a huge asset to the company and we had to keep her! Jemma stepped into a Junior Editorial and Creative Assistant role and continues to develop her skills and bring new ideas to the team. 

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