Setting up a Writer's Notebook

April 8, 2019

Do you want to start writing but unsure where to start? Setting up a Writer’s Notebook has to be at the very top of your agenda… In this blog post we discuss what you’ll need to begin your writing journey.


As self-professed stationary fanatics, the entire team at Daisa & Co love shopping for new stationary. And we know you’ll probably love a ‘good pen’ too! Below is a list of things you’ll need to get started:

  • The ‘RIGHT’ Notebook

    • Whether you’re visiting WHSmiths, Paperchase or The Works, finding the right Notebook is key. Right off the bat, we’d suggest it needs to be STURDY. You’ll be taking it in and out of bags, on and off of desks, so it needs to hold its own; a sewn or perfect bound notepad is what we would advise.

    • High quality paper – If the paper’s too thin, you’ll be able to see your previous work through it and might avoid writing on every page. It’s perfectly acceptable to only work on the right-hand page, however as we’re living in an eco-minded world and saving the planet one tree at a time, we aim to achieve Zero waste!

    • Choose a paper that’s formatted just for you - You might prefer blank paper, which gives you the freedom to draw or write or even ‘scrapbook’. There is obviously the traditional lined paper, the Headmaster and Authoritarian of paper styles. You can buy journals with dots in now – it’s very millennial. This is frequently used for Bullet Journalling. Personally, I like a squared paper. It takes me back to my primary days, there’s just something nostalgic about it.

  • A stash of great pens, pencils, crayons, highlighters… A pen that is a ‘great writer’.

    • It’s easy to overlook the importance of great tools. If you enjoy using your notebook or pen, you’re more likely to use it.



Make a start!

Think about creating an index or contents page – this could be the first 2 pages!

One only hopes that our notebook will become quite full, quite quickly. An Index/Contents list will be the best way to be able to find your concepts easily. AND it’s an excuse to write a list after all…


Ideas for Content:


Lists, Poems, Quotes, Inspiration, Newspaper/Magazine clippings, Doodles, Quotes, Overheard Conversations, Story Plan, Character Names and Info.



Have you thought about starting a Blog to hold Writer’s Ideas? This is similar to an online journal. However, you may run the risk of becoming distracted if you work electronically, at your computer or tablet/iPad or phone.



“Procrastination is the enemy of Productivity.”

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